DO NOT use any of the characters in the Smileverse to portray hateful actions or sterotypes.

DO NOT proship ANY characters in the Smilverse. For those who aren't aware proshipping is defined as ships that would be illegal. Minor x adult, incestuous ships, etc.

As said before, don't draw any of the characters in the Smileverse in a harmful way. Such as in a way that would promote ablelism, anti-semitism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, harmful sterotypes, etc.

NSFW:As for me Farty, I'm fine with people drawing nsfw of my ocs as long as they are OF AGE. 18+.

ALSO, no "aging up" characters so you can draw them in a suggestive way. I know who you are.

FANART: YES! I'd love to recive fanart.

OCS: YES! You absolutely can make your own Smileverse original character. Although your character won't be canon to the story, feel free to draw them in Smileverse.

SHIPPING: Please keep ships to characters that are already in canon relationships. Ex: Dwight and Smile, 701 and Flynn, Raymond, and Gin.

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