This website, and the stories in it, follow original characters made by me Farty. The main protagonists that are my ocs include, Smile (Edgewood) Finner, Chester Cornball, Raymond Finner, and Rox Finner.And many other interesting characters in this story belonging to my online buddies and me, who I would like to give a special thanks for helping make this website possible. And thank YOU, the reader for coming here. These stories take place in a small town, set in present day in 1999-2000. following the misadventures and mysteries these characters embark on and discover throughout the series. If you’d like to send fanart, or contact me, shoot me an e-mail! smileverses@gmail.com. Or, via twitter,or spacehey (links down below), This is the creator Farty. Signing off. Enjoy the ride!

We hope to have an interesting selection of chapters avalible for your enjoyment soon. STAY tuned! Follow me over on Spacehey, and twitter. Twitter


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